Who we are

Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes. All achievements, all earned riches have their beginning in an Idea.


The company grows along with 820+ potential investors


The non-physical idea was manifested into physical form with the name GHL INDIA


A team gathered to materialise the idea


The idea originated in the mind.

GHL INDIA was an idea in the mind of a few venture seekers who wholeheartedly wanted to support young talented entrepreneurs and potential investors by providing them with funds & profit respectively

Through the trending fractional ownership and debt fund concept, the team found a wonderful way to materialise their idea. As a result of it, GHL INDIA was born on 8th October 2021

Vision & Mission

Fractional investment platform

Reaching the goal is not success. Success is moving toward the goal and experiencing growth

Our Mission is to give life to viable business ideas thereby creating wealth and sharing it with all our community members.

Fractional investment platform1

Reaching the goal is not success. Success is moving toward the goal and experiencing growth

Fractional investment platform
Fractional investment platform Fractional investment platform

How we work?

Our real purpose in life is to develop ourselves. To successfully do this we must always work towards A GOAL

working toward A Goal Fractional investment platform

Way of Execution

  • Is the company in our sector of industry expertise
  • Do we have insight into risk & opportunity for growth?
  • Is the investment in our target range?
  • Is it a global company or does it have the potential to become one?
  • Can we add value to the management & governance?
  • Is it a sustainable business?

Cash flow, outstanding receivables, growth of sales, and growth of profit will be analysed.


The educational and expertise background of the founder and the key managerial person, as their customer and stakeholder profile will be evaluated.


Review of the sector industry, asset class performance, and major service agreements entered by the client...

GHL INDIA is here to create a prosperous environment that serves the world at large

Let us join together to live an opulent life