Any individual over the age of 18 years having valid PAN and Aadhaar can invest. Corporate investor can also invest in compliance with provisions of applicable Act/ Regulations.

Yes, NRI can make investment through NRO accounts or savings bank account maintained in India.

Our Company and the LLP with SPV (LLP, Pvt Ltd) for investor is registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). We comply with all respective Acts and rules of the Government for doing these activities. Besides we have investors who have already invested through our platforms and getting on time payment.

You have to register with our website and complete our simple KYC process. Click here to register. Once your account is created, you can invest in any project shown on the Assets with Invest page.

Every investor must provide nominee details while registering in our platform. When investor is not available for redeems, nominee receives the returns.

Kindly keep the following information ready before you register with our platform:

  • E-mail ID, Mobile number, Bank account details and Address of the Investor
  • Email ID, Mobile number and Address of the Nominee of the Investor
  • ID Proof (Anyone): Scan copy of Aadhaar/ Passport/ Driving license/ Voter ID front and back page
  • Scan copy of PAN card
  • Bank details in scan copy (any one): front page of Bank account passbook/ Cancelled cheque leaf/ Recent Bank statement.

We secure your data through in-house security system with excellent privacy features. We follow strict privacy policy for our customers.

We keep investment size as low as possible to attract all range of investors from working professional, home maker to students. Investor provided with options in choosing their investment amount.
Minimum amount for any investment opportunity in our platform is not less than INR 1,00,000. The minimum investment amount varies from asset to asset, you can find out more details about the investment in the assets with Invest page. Click here for investment page

After reviewing the investment opportunities provided in our platform, you can finalize the investment and then transfer the amount via our payment gateway partner or bank transfer mode. After completing above process, read and sign the investment document.

Yes, we do rigorous credit analysis for each project.

Yes, you can invest in any number of assets. We offer smaller investment opportunities to make diversified investment possible and encourage you to invest in more than one asset.

The investment process completes, when the asset is fully funded by co-investors.

Returns for the investment starts from the date of your investment. We distribute returns to investor once a month. However, some investment options may come with different payment cycles. All this information will be provided in the Invest. page of the web site.

Your returns will be credited to your registered bank account

All the investment comes with monthly returns; however, it may vary from asset to asset.

We don't offer any guarantee. However, Banks give guarantee for the returns that we provide to our investors

A bank guarantee is a promise by a financial institution to meet the liabilities of a business or individual if they don't fulfill their obligations in a contractual transaction.
As GHL INDIA provides bank guarantee for the monthly payouts, in case of default, the investors can claim it from the bank through an exclusive bank guarantee number that is assigned to them

Tenure is typically between with from 12 to 24 months.

You can exit only after the tenure of the plan. However, We are working on options to early exit.

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a separate legal entity (LLP or Company) created by an organization. The SPV is a distinct company with its own assets and liabilities, as well as its own legal status. Usually, they are created for a specific objective, often to isolate the business operation.
A special purpose vehicle can be a "bankruptcy-proof entity" because the operations of the entity are restricted to the purchase and financing of specific assets or projects.

No, According to Section 42 of Companies Act, 2013, an offer made to subscribe securities to not more than 200 persons is called private placement of securities. The requirement of SEBI’s regulation with respect to public issue will not apply to private placement.

In compliance with the above Companies Act, 2013 provisions, GHL is issuing securities under Private Placement basis only and keeps the limit of the investors well within limit prescribed by the Companies Act.

All the fractional ownership Companies in India that issue securities in compliance with the provisions of section 42 (2) of Companies Act 2013, do not fall under the requirement of SEBI regulation.

Hence SEBI does not have authority to look into the affairs of such Fractional Ownership Companies.

Kindly refer to the section 42 under Companies act, 2013 from MCA website with the below link:

https://www.mca.gov.in/content /mca/global/en/acts-rules/ebooks

In Limited Liability Partnership structure, every investor is considered as Simple Partner as per LLP act, 2008. There is no restriction on LLP act to admit no of partner, hence any number of simple partners can be admitted.

As per SEBI’s Collective Investment Scheme Regulation, any individual entity (Either Company or LLP) that collected more than Rs. 100 crore will fall under the CIS regulation. Since GHL India has not raised more than Rs. 100 crores in any of its SPV, We do not fall under the Collective Investment Scheme regulation of SEBI

In future, if any of the regulatory authority require license for the business activity of GHL India, the license will be obtained.

RBI has prescribed certain activities(such as Asset Financing, Investment Company, Loan Company, Infrastructure Finance Company, Systemically Important Core Investment Company, Infrastructure Debt Fund, Micro Finance Institution, Non-Banking Financial Company – Factors, Mortgage Guarantee Companies and P2P lending) fall under its ambit under Reserve Bank of India Act .

Since GHL India does not fall under any of the categories of the business activities prescribed by RBI, we are not required to obtain any kind of approval from RBI for our business operation.

At present GHL INDIA has to comply with the requirements of Companies Act, 2013 & LLP act 2008. We have issued all securities under private placement basis and accordingly e-forms have been filed with Ministry of Corporate Affairs. So, As of now, MCA is our regulating authority

Fractional Ownership or Co – investment means several investors joined together to pool money to make an investment. The income or returns generated out of the investment is divided in proportion to the investment made by each investor.
Example: 3 investors invest Rs.50,000 each to buy a car worth Rs.1,50,000, each will receive 1/3rd (50,000/1,50,000) of the returns generated by the car over the investment period. This implies that each investor passively held 1/3rd or 33.3% ownership of the car i.e. a fractional ownership or co-investment.

  • GHL India identifies industries which require equipment for their business on lease rent basis
  • Lease partner (Lessee) is short listed after rigorous due diligence.
  • The equipment requirement is listed in our website.
  • Investors provide fund to purchase the equipment.
  • The equipment is leased to the lessee and the monthly lease rental amount is distributed as profit to investors.

A Specific purpose Vehicle in the form of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is established with the investor as simple partner.
GHL India is responsible for overseeing, reporting and managing the SPV on behalf of the investors. Cost for managing the SPV is already included in our management fee

Our investment documents consist of

Investment confirmation letter acknowledging the receipt of fund and confirming payment of monthly return
Individual Consent letter by the investor to become a simple partner in LLP
Supplementary LLP agreement contract between simple partners of LLP (You as investor) and its designated partners

Every investor should execute a supplementary Partnership Deed & Partner consent letter relating to the LLP.

We do thorough due diligence about the Lessee’s key employees, investors and customers.

Our thorough due diligence consists of evaluating the 2 major aspects of lessee:

  • Financials: Annual Report analysis and critically examine the scale, growth, unit economics, profitability patterns, current cash position and outstanding debts and loans.
  • Corporate Profile: Thorough background evaluation of founders/ promoters/ shareholders as well as reference calls with key customers and other stakeholders.

Our team undertakes the following steps for each asset:

  • Find the right leasing partner and the asset
  • Negotiating with the lessee and finalizing the deal & contract terms.
  • Thorough due diligence of lessee’s management and financial performances.
  • GHL India lists the assets on the platform.

The rental payment is assured by way of post dated cheques and security deposit, at the time of leasing the assets.
We draft agreement in such a way that we have the rights to reclaim the assets for selling or re-leasing.

The normal lease rent comparative to the cost of equipment usually falls between 5 and 6 percent. Hence the return of 2 – 2.5% per month is feasible.
For example: A laptop with Rs.50,000/- cost is leased out at Rs.3,000 per month (You may please verify online for the lease rent of laptop). The lease amount to the cost of the laptop is 6%. Hence payment of 2-2.5% per month is possible.

Under the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008, only designated partners (Officials of GHL India) are responsible for day to day affairs of the LLP. The simple partners (you as investors) are not liable for any act of the LLP and any act of the designated partners.

Investment through LLP is similar to share market investment. There is no restriction for a partner who is in employment or seeking any employment.

As per the privacy policy of our Company, details of a partner are not shared with anyone.

We charge 1% of lease amount as management fees.

Draft lease agreement will be shared, you can review it before making an investment.

Signed Agreements and other related documents can be viewed and downloaded from portfolio page.

Our partnered law firm reviews and advises us on all agreements, contracts and other legal matters. If you want to consider lawyer for a legal opinion, you can do so at your own. We are happy to answer all queries related to the agreements and legal matters.

Debentures are a form of debt capital evidencing by a Debenture certificate. It is a method for companies to raise fund from the public at large.
A Company can raise fund through the issue of debentures, which has a fixed rate of interest & tenure on it. The debenture issued by a company is an acknowledgment that the company has borrowed an amount of money from the public, which it promises to repay at a future date. Therefore Debenture holders are considered as creditors of the Company.

  • GHL India identifies & short list entrepreneur(s) with expertise in the sectors identified by us, after rigorous due diligence process of the deck pitched by them.
  • The business plan is finalized and contract is executed between GHL India and the entrepreneur(s).
  • The required fund is raised through issue of Debenture
  • The management team consists of entrepreneurs and nominees of GHL India will manage the day to day affairs of the business.
  • The profit from the business is distributed as interest on monthly basis to investors

A Specific purpose Vehicle in the form of Private Limited Company (Company) is established with the investor as Debenture holder. GHL India will manage the SPV on behalf of the investors

Our investment documents consist of:

Investment confirmation letter acknowledging the receipt of fund and confirming payment of monthly return on debenture
Debenture certificate In compliance with Companies Act 2013, debenture certificate with name of the investor, amount of investment, tenure, percentage of return.

GHL India makes thorough study of the expertise of the entrepreneurs in their relevant field and back ground is verified by private investigation. The references of key employees of the company where entrepreneurs have worked are obtained.

  • GHL India identifies & short list entrepreneur(s) with expertise in the sectors identified by us, after rigorous due diligence process of the deck pitched by them.
  • The business plan & detailed project report are finalized and contract is executed between GHL India and the entrepreneur(s).
  • GHL India lists the assets on the platform.

Based on security

Secured & Unsecured Debentures

Secured debenture creates a mortgage/ charge on the assets of the Company. Unsecured debenture does not carry any charge or security on the assets of the Company.

Based on convertibility

Convertible and Non-Convertible Debentures

Convertible debenture can be converted into shares after the expiry of a specified period. Non-convertible debenture cannot be converted into shares and are redeemed by the Company at the completion of the tenure.

GHL India issues Redeemable, Secured, and Non-convertible Debentures. Hence the Investment is secured by the assets of the Company. The Debentures are redeemed after the completion of the tenure.

GHL India issues Debenture in either form, whether in physical or demat at the option of the investors. If the investor chooses to obtain debentures in demat form, they need to provide the DP ID and Client ID maintained with CDSL. GHL India has entered agreement with CDSL only. NSDL account is not accepted by GHL India. If the investor chooses to obtain debentures in physical form, the hard copy of the signed certificate will be couriered to the registered address of the investor.

The Debenture Certificate issued to investor is the primary evidence of investment. A debenture is a legal certificate that states how much money the investor lent (principal), the interest rate to be paid and the tenure of repayments.

Companies Act, 2013 regulates the issue, managing and redemption of Debentures. GHL India complies with the provision of the said Act and its Regulations in raising the fund, managing and redemption

  • Debenture Certificate issued by GHL India
  • Mortgage/Charge created in favour of investor’s nominee

The identified entrepreneur & the expert team of GHL India manage the business

Particular Debenture Equity Share
Definition A Loan contract by that company borrows fund from public By issuing shares to public, a company raises fund
Status of holder Creditor Shareholder
Security Secured for return and principle Does not carry any security
Return Fixed percentage Return is proposed by management
Operational mode Interest on debenture is paid regardless of profit of the Company Dividend is declared on profit of the Company
Controlling right Debenture holder has no right to vote Shareholders has the right to vote
Conversion option Debentures can be converted to Share Shares cannot be converted to debentures
Nominee for interest protection Can be appointed Not applicable

No, LLP pays the tax on profit and then distribute the return to the Investors. The income from partnership firm is not taxable in the hands of partners under Section 10 (2A) of the Income Tax Act.

No, income tax paid by LLP is not eligible for refund in the hands of partners

You become partner to LLP hence you need to file ITR-3. Before you may have filed different ITR, but after you become partner in the LLP it is mandatory to file your income tax return in ITR-3.

Yes, you have to file ITR-3 to show your source of income. The income generated from our platform is post-tax, hence no additional tax levied on the income.

The process of filing Income tax will remain the same for an NRI investor as it is for an India resident investor.

Yes. TDS will be deducted @ 10% on interest amount as per the provisions of section 194 A / 195 of Income Tax 1961.

Yes. Investor can claim TDS deducted while filing return of income tax. TDS certificate will be provided by GHL India.

No, Salaried person can keep filing ITR-1

The process of filing Income tax will remain the same for an NRI investor as it is for an India resident investor
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