Market size of Financial Sector

India's digital payment is estimated to increase to US$ 1 trillion by 2023 and our country is expected to be the fourth largest private wealth market globally by 2028.

Mutual fund assets under management (in US$ billion)

According to the statistics by the Futures Industry Association (FIA), a derivatives trade association, the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) emerged as the world’s largest derivatives exchange in 2020 in terms number of contracts traded. NSE was ranked 4th worldwide in cash equities by number of trades as per the statistics maintained by the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) for CY2020.

India has scored a perfect 10 in protecting shareholders' rights on the back of reforms implemented by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business 2020 report.

According to Goldman Sachs, investors have been pouring money into India’s stock market, which is likely to reach >US$ 5 trillion, surpassing the UK, and become the fifth-largest stock market worldwide by 2024.

The number of demat account in India reached 7.38 crore between April-October 2021.

Opportunities in various segments

  • All
  • Micro Insurance
  • Auto Engineering
  • Investment
  • Health
  • Credit
  • Agriculture

Micro Insurance

It is targeted at rural segment, addressing about two-thirds of Indian population.

Increasing number of insurance registered for passenger cars and for construction activities will rise with India’s infrastructure growth plans.

Auto Engineering

Domestic sales of passenger vehicles, three-wheelers and two-wheelers, reached 3,069,499, 260,995 and 13,466,412 units respectively, in FY22.

Increasing number of insurance registered for passenger cars and for construction activities.


Safe investment options have a potential to tap into rural household savings.

Some private players are producing innovative products like third party money market mutual funds to cater to rural investment needs.


Only 1% population covered currently, suggesting that the vast market is yet to be tapped. Health insurance accounts for 1.2% of the total healthcare spend.


Rural credit segment is a large market, which can be tapped by ensuring timely loans that are critical for the agricultural sector.


Demand for agricultural and livestock insurance growing on the back of rising awareness among rural population


Indian companies are strengthening their footprint on foreign shores, enhancing geographical exposure. India's digital payment is estimated to increase to US$ 1 trillion by 2023.

Why We Choose



  • Financial sector growth can be attributed to rise in equity markets and improvement in corporate earnings.
  • By 2022, India’s personal wealth is forecast to reach US$ 5 trillion at a CAGR of 13%. It stood at US$ 3 trillion in 2017.


  • In January 2021, the Central Board of Direct Taxes launched an automated e-portal on the e-filing website of the department to process and receive complaints of tax evasion, foreign undisclosed assests and register complaints against ‘Benami’ properties.


  • In January 2021, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) launched derivates on the Nifty Financial Service Index. This service index is likely to provide institutions and retail investors more flexibility to manage their finances.
  • On December 02, 2020, the International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA) obtained membership to the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS)
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