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Is securing a good job truly the path to success? Many of us have heard this advice and joined the rat race, following in the footsteps of those before us. But is this the right approach? Let’s explore this through Viha’s story!


Viha, hailing from a middle-class family, was encouraged by her family to obtain a good job to ensure a prosperous life. She excelled in her studies and landed a good job, but she believes that a good job isn't the only route to a fulfilling life.


Feeling confused, she decided to go to the beach to relax and have some time to herself. She sat on the sand, set her slippers aside, and gazed at the waves and sky, thinking about how to attain a wealthy life.


Just then, a man came and sat down nearby. She was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn't notice him. Observing her, he saw that she was deep in thought and began a conversation, intrigued by what was on her mind.


Stranger: Hello, may I inquire about what's occupying your thoughts?


Viha: Hm?


Stranger: I know it's a bit unusual to inquire, but you seem lost in thought. If you're open to it, I'm here to listen.


Viha: Yeah, you're onto something! It's no secret. I've just been pondering about the future - managing finances, securing it, you know, those kinds of things. Do you think having a good job is the only route to wealth? I beg to differ.


Stranger: Hey, don't worry. Everything's okay. But why do you seem so upset about life?


Viha: Oh, it's nothing. Let's not dwell on it.


Stranger:Hey, listen. I've been there too. Can I share what helped me when I felt like this? You can try it if you want.


Viha: Sure, go ahead.


Stranger: It's all about how we handle our money. I agree that a good job can lead to a balanced life.


Viha: But how do we manage money effectively and make it work for us?


Stranger: The key to that is financial literacy, and the second is finding your foundation.


Viha: What do you mean by “foundation"?


Stranger: Investing our money is key to building wealth for the future. There are several options such as stocks, bonds, and trading. You need to determine which one suits you based on your capital, risk analysis, and understanding of market trends.


Viha: I've also heard about this, but many people say it's risky.


Stranger: It's important to understand the numbers before investing. Guessing without financial knowledge, lacking emotional intelligence, and neglecting risk analysis can lead to poor outcomes.


Viha: Are you saying I should learn about my investment, enhance my financial knowledge, and carefully determine how much to invest?.


Stranger: Exactly! When you're familiar with all of this, you don’t need to be as lost in thought as that girl.


Viha: (smiles) Yes, I came across an investment opportunity on YouTube yesterday. It's wholesale trading offered by GHL, a platform for alternative investments. The investment starts at 1 lakh, with returns of 19.20%.


Stranger: That does sound promising.


Viha:Yes, I've been considering this investment since yesterday.


Stranger:Sometimes, you have to step out of your comfort zone and take risks to achieve your goals. But remember, it's important to analyze the risk, market conditions, returns, and security of any investment beforehand.


Viha: Sure, they also offer a cash back of up to 3%. I'm going to research more about that plan and get in touch with the GHL team to learn more about the investment.


Stranger: Sure, pursue your desired future. By the way, may I ask your name? It's funny how we've chatted so much without knowing each other's names!


Viha: (laughs) Yeah, I'm Viha.


Stranger: (with a smile) I'm Karthik. If we cross paths like this again, remember to share your investment stories with me.


Viha: It's amazing how the world is so vast yet interconnected, don't you think?


Karthik: Definitely. We'll see each other again. Goodbye, Ms.Viha. (smiling)


Viha: Absolutely, Karthik.


(After Karthik left the beach, Viha kept her eyes on him until he vanished from view. Then, she shifted her gaze to the waves and the sky, taking a deep breath as she felt the tension from her investments fade away.)

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