Viha's Journey to Financial Freedom:


Assets and liabilities! We often hear these words, right? But do we really know their true meanings? Can we truly understand and distinguish between assets and liabilities? If not, let's learn through the story of Viha.


Viha loves to live an independent life. It has been her dream since childhood to live life on her own terms, traveling around the world without any restrictions. To achieve this, she decided to find a way to live life her way. She studied hard to build a career that would make her financially independent, which she saw as the first step toward her dream journey. Finally, she landed a good job with a salary of 50,000.


Viha was happy and elated to achieve her childhood dream. She began to manage her life using her salary, following the 50/30/20 rule: 50% for needs, 30% for wants, and 20% for savings . By applying this rule, she started her dream journey.


Through this journey, she realized that a salary alone couldn’t transform her financial wealth and that she should invest some of her money instead of just saving it. So, she decided to find the right investment opportunities and began learning more about finance.


During her learning phase, she discovered the true meanings of assets and liabilities. Previously, she had heard these terms but didn’t know their exact meanings.


As she delved into financial terms, she learned that an asset is something that puts money in your pocket, while a liability takes money out of your pocket.


Viha took charge of her finances, learning about investment plans that could elevate her financial wealth. In her search for a wise investment, she came across secured debentures offered by GHL . She researched this investment and felt confident about it.


Viha is someone who believes in consistency and the principle of "slow and steady wins the race," which aligns with the consistent returns offered by GHL .


She found that secured debentures, with a minimum investment of ₹1,00,000 , you can earn up to 3% cashback and the pre-tax return is an impressive 24.00% over a 24-month tenure.


Believing this to be a wise investment choice, Viha invested 7 lakhs, trusting that it would pave the way for her dream life.


Indeed, her investment paid off, bringing in good profits and helping her achieve her bucket list.


When our thoughts are strong and focused on certain goals, we will inevitably find a way to achieve them.


Then, what else? Viha started her dream journey with peace of mind!

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