Financial Freedom -The What and Why?


People say ‘Money makes many things’. It is easy to get caught up in the idea that money has the power to shape our world. Here is the twist – what if the real superpower lies in what we create with that money? Before we let it pull the strings, there is a moment to pause and consider what we can do.

Financial freedom is the secret message of personal finance that no one wants to share. Why does it matter? Because only when you know the meaning of financial freedom you can be financially free.

Let us shift our focus from what money can do to what we can make out of it. It is a journey of discovery, empowerment, and the realization that our financial choices shape our lives.


Balancing Act: Celebrating and Securing

Diwali brings immense joy, but it does not have to mean emptying your pockets! It is the perfect time to find the balance between celebrating and securing your financial future.


Meaning of Financial Freedom:

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It is a term thrown around a lot, but let us take a moment to understand its essence. Financial Freedom is the ability to lead a lifestyle, the way you desire without any financial constraint. On the other hand, financial Independence is having enough passive income to cover your living expenses.

FThe Problem with sticking to the latter (i.e. Financial Independence) is you cannot grow beyond mere survival. It is good to have enough money to sustain the livelihood but is that enough to live the life you dream of? Not at all possible.

To be financially free is not just about having a fat wallet or high savings in the bank. Financial freedom is the power to say, "Yes" to that dream vacation or to pursue a passion without constantly checking your bank balance. So, if you have been silently nodding along, wondering what it really means to be free, join the club.


Settling mindset is unsettling:

Have you ever put down a great opportunity or refused to buy something you really want even if you can afford it? Did you convince yourself to save your money for something later? This fear comes from the settling mindset that brings an artificial contentment into life.

Contrary to popular belief, financial freedom is not merely about settling down. It may be common for people to interchangeably use the terms 'settling in life' and 'financial freedom.' However, these two concepts stand on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Picture this: a settled life often implies routine, a permanent job, and minimal movement. It is a path many choose, assuming it leads to contentment. However, the trap lies in equating this settled lifestyle with financial freedom. In fact, the reality is quite the opposite – following a routine might take you away from the things you really want..

The unsettling truth lies in matching expectations with expenses, rather than aligning them with the expression of freedom. Ask yourself, what does it truly mean to be free? It is about being who you want to be and doing what you love, isn't it? If this is what you are missing, you have not experienced true freedom.


Your Financial Journey is Personal:

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Remember, financial freedom is not a race; it is a personal journey. It is about discovering what truly matters to you and building a life that reflects your passions and dreams. Instead of chasing after money relentlessly, Imagine there is a way to walk peacefully with money as your companion, contributing to your growth. And that is shifting away from the settling mindset for achieving such financial liberation. It is time you understand the importance of personal finances and make a conscious decision to prioritize your dreams. This will help you get over a routine that might hold you back.



As we discussed earlier, If you want to live a worry-free life without constantly comparing your bank balance to the price tags, Take that first step towards a life where you walk hand-in-hand with financial peace, and watch how it transforms not just your bank balance, but your entire lifestyle.


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