A Conversation with Viha on Investing and Building Assets:


Everyone strives to achieve their financial goals and attain financial freedom. Society categorizes people into three groups based on their wealth: the poor, the middle class, and the rich. How did this categorization come about? Was it solely based on financial status? Despite these distinctions, all three groups are working towards financial freedom, although their financial goals may vary.


Managing your finances is crucial for a stable life. Let's talk to Viha, who is passionate about investing, to understand what financial freedom really means!


Sushvi: Hi Viha, I've heard you're into investing. I've got some questions about investments and financial freedom. Can I join you for a jog? I'd love to talk about financial freedom! Would you like to share your thoughts?


Viha: Of course, sure. I'd be happy to share. But before we begin, may I ask for your name?


Sushvi: Yeah! (laughs) I'm Sushvi!


Viha: Ok, Sushvi, different name but sounds nice. Let's get to the point!


Financial freedom means achieving a state where we are financially stable enough that we don't need to work for an entire month to cover our expenses.


Sushvi: Oh, I see! But how do we reach this point?


Viha: It's simply about setting up our finances so that our money can start working on our behalf!


Sushvi: But how does money work for us?


Viha: Saving money is a common way people try to build wealth, often based on advice from their parents. However, true wealth starts when we invest in assets, leading to financial freedom.


Sushvi: Assets?


Viha: Yes, assets are things that help us grow wealth and achieve financial freedom.


Sushvi: But what exactly is an asset?


Viha : An asset is something that adds to our financial well-being, while liabilities do the opposite.


Sushvi: That's interesting! So, investing in real estate falls into the asset category, right?


Viha: Absolutely! Real estate values rise due to factors like demand, growth, and location, making it a valuable asset.


Sushvi: Got it! Do you know of any investment opportunities like this?


Viha: Yes, I recently learned about a fintech alternate investment platform called GHL offering a secured debenture plan with up to 3% cashback and a pretax return of 24% per annum for 24 months, requiring a minimum investment of 1 lakh . It's called Sequel 4.


Sushvi: That sounds great! A plan like that must qualify as an asset, right?


Viha: (laughs) Yes, Sushvi! It's a plan that helps build our assets and moves us closer to financial freedom.


Sushvi: Exciting! I feel so informed and grateful for your insights. Thank you for sharing these thoughts on investment and financial freedom!


Viha: It's my pleasure, Sushvi! I hope this helps you build your asset portfolio!


Sushvi: Yes, I feel more knowledgeable now. Okay, let's catch up another time to talk more about investments!


Viha: Absolutely, looking forward to it!


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